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Natural ingredients & formulations to INSPIRE your body to maintain healthy skin while keeping it firm and hydrated.

In a world increasingly full of “scientifically formulated” everything, Batch Twenty-One keeps it old school — with hand-crafted formulations -- that hydrate your skin using natural ingredients and formulations.

Our Founder

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Once upon a time there was a chemist who loved beer and natural skincare...
Dr. Chett Boxley is an entrepreneurial chemist and a certified Natural & Organic Skincare formulator. An avid and passionate craft beer home brewer, he has paired his intrinsic love for hops with his passion for creating high-quality natural skincare products. In other words, he is a chemistry geek who loves beer, science, and skincare. His personal favorite is the men's Rhajuvenate Rescue Cream..."created by me for me"!

Our Story

As a Ph.D. chemist, I have always been passionate about science, and in particular with formulation chemistry. Over the years I had worked on hundreds of formulation projects for other brands, and it was really fascinating work that I very much enjoyed. In my “spare time”, I spend it homebrewing beer, creating new recipes, trying new styles of beer, and just having a blast with friends and family who enjoy beer as well. It wasn’t long before these two worlds collided, and Batch Twenty-One Skincare was born! It has truly been a labor of love to create these unique blends of products using only plant-based oils (check out our hemp moisturizing cream or rescue cream) and ingredients that are safe and healthy.
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Why Hops?

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Batch Twenty-One’s hops, made from the flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant, have powerful anti-inflammatory qualities that help reduce skin scarring. They’re also loaded with phytonutrients — plant goodies that are great for toning and softening the skin. Because of their rich source of antioxidants, hops help prevent damages and keep skin looking youthful and bright.

Clean Label

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We only use plant-based oils and ingredients (that don’t cause deforestation), that are safe and healthy for our customers.
Glycolipids: Are sugar-based emulsifiers that provide the gentlest, safest, most environmentally friendly natural skincare products out there today.
Its very important to us that our products are good for you and your skin, and that our materials are good for the planet!

No Sulphates | No Parabens | No Aluminum | No Silicones | Hemp Oil | Hops

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In a world increasingly full of “scientifically formulated” everything, Batch Twenty-One keeps it old school — with hand-crafted formulations, natural ingredients and earth-conscious product design. Because we know it’s important to make products that are good not only for you but also for the environment.