In this article, we wanted to share just a few of the top benefits of this very special ingredient. So be sure to save your beers – and instead – try our Rescue Cream and get your skincare Hops fix from our website!

We use a secret ingredient in our products that make them so much better, but we think when something is this good, then it’s okay to share our secret with you!

We use Hops, a natural flower that you may be more familiar associating with your favorite lager. Hops, extracted from the Humulus lupulus plant, is used as a preservative in beer, but its benefits extend far beyond this! In fact, hops are such a powerful ingredient that we decided to add it into our skincare formulations to help infuse your skin with a potent dose of nutrients!

Infuses the skin with antioxidants for more youthful-looking skin

Antioxidants are key to counteracting the negative effects of free radicals, so as well as consuming yours, we also highly recommend incorporating an antioxidant-rich skin care product into your routine, such as our beautiful All-In-One Moisturizer. Collagen and elastin are two very important structural proteins that help to keep the skin taut and plump, however, their concentrations naturally decrease as you age. Hops contain a powerful compound called Xanthohumol that combats the signs of skin aging by increasing collagen and elastin production.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it a winner for problem skin

In traditional medicine, Hops is used for its natural sedative effects and it has the same calming influence on the skin. Inflammation is what contributes to all sorts of skincare woes from irritating red, itchy skin to blemishes that make you want to hide your face away. Hops have incredible anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its rich concentration of tannins that help to soothe and calm the skin, as it also reduces painful inflammation. Hops also has a tonic effect on the skin, helping to flush bacteria away as it detoxifies the skin, and it may even help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Using Hops on your skin everyday will result in a smoother, clearer, more even complexion that feels wonderfully soothed and nourished with the ideal moisture balance. We hope this article has helped to shed light on an ingredient, which in our opinion, doesn’t get the recognition it should. Why purchase products with a grocery list of ingredients when you can opt for all-natural products with just a few simple, yet powerful ingredients that will provide the type of results you actually want. We can’t wait for you to check out our products!

Fun fact for you! Hops is a pine-cone shaped bitter green fruit that has a lovely grapefruit aroma. With the right conditions, Hop vines grow very quickly, sometimes over 20 feet in a year!

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