Why Is Exfoliating Good For Your Skin?


Apart from cleansing and moisturizing, there is another skincare step that is absolutely essential for clear, vibrant, and glowing skin. Any clues? If you said exfoliation then you would be correct! It’s the one step in many skincare routines that is often overlooked, but no amount of quality serum, lotion, or potion will give you that dewy, glowing skin if you aren’t exfoliating on a regular basis.

Many people skip this step, deeming it unnecessary until they start to notice that their skin appears a little dry and dull. You can rub your oils into your heart’s content, but there really is no point in applying beautiful products to dead skin cells where it will simply sit on top of the skin without sinking into the pores. In this article, we want to highlight the top benefits of a regular exfoliation ritual. Even if you have very sensitive skin, you are going to want to stick around to the end!


Clearer skin

Did you know that your skin naturally sheds around a whopping 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every hour? Yes, you did hear that correctly! It’s all part of your skin’s natural renewal process, but sometimes your skin needs a little help to move this process along. When too many cells are shed before your skin can properly release them, they may start to clog up your pores, where you may then be at risk for breakouts. A thorough exfoliation will help to clear dirt, makeup, grime, and debris out of the pores so you can rock healthy, clear skin from head to toe! Remember, pimples don’t only show up on the face! They may also appear in areas such as the back, top of your arms, neck, and chest.

Glowing skin

A buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface can contribute to dry, ashy skin that just feels sad and in need of a little love. Exfoliation will help to remove this dead skin build-up to reveal your healthy new, glowing skin just waiting underneath!

More youthful skin

Another way exfoliation contributes to glowing skin is by boosting blood circulation so that blood flows closer to the surface of the skin. This contributes to an instant rosy flush, but this perk is also an excellent anti-aging benefit! When you boost blood circulation in your skin, you help to promote the formation of collagen, a structural protein essential for taut, plump, and youthful skin!

Enhanced absorption of your skincare products

Last, but not least, exfoliation helps to clear out your pores, which means that any follow up products you apply won’t have a barrier to prevent proper absorption. Instead, your pores are open and willing to receive all the nutrients you feed your refreshed and renewed skin! The secret to a good exfoliation is using a product that won’t strip your skin of natural oils and won’t scratch your skin and put your skin barrier at risk. Our Re-grained bar soap is brimming in fatty acids to ensure your skin stays dewy and hydrated and spent brewer’s grain provides a thorough yet gentle exfoliation that is as good for the environment as it is for your skin! 

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