In this article, we will talk a little more about the powerful skin benefits of hemp seed oil for healthy, glowing skin, but first, we wanted to clear something up. Many people confuse hemp with marijuana, but there are some major differences.

Considering that we use copious amounts of this superstar ingredient in every product that we make, we thought it would make sense to tell you all about it! Hemp seed oil is a very healthy oil with an array of incredible skin benefits, and this is why it is one of our signature ingredients here at Batch Twenty-One! This oil is extracted from the “hemp seeds” of the hemp plant. Furthermore, Hemp oil is brimming in omega fatty acids, including omega 3, 6 and 9, along with the antioxidant vitamin E, as well as other powerful phytonutrients (plant goodies), vitamins, and minerals that infuse the skin with a dose of nutrients. It is a cult favorite among all ages and skin types thanks to its ability to help the firm and fight the signs of aging as well as it helps to reduce and prevent acne breakouts.


Hemp is a Cannabis Sativa variety, but unlike marijuana which can contain between 5 and 20% THC, hemp contains no more than 0.3% (in dry weight) of THC, the psychoactive substance responsible for making you high. In other words, hemp will not get you high. Keep reading for some skin benefits of our favorite oil.


Provides deep-down moisture that lasts and lasts

Hemp seed oil has a wonderful array of fatty acids that provide a powerful burst of moisture for dry, parched skin. Fatty acids help to strengthen the cell membranes, ensuring that the skin cells hold onto water and none is lost through the pores.


Reduces and prevents acne breakouts

Don’t dismiss hemp seed oil as something for dry or mature skin types only! While it does provide beautiful hydration, it will never leave your skin feeling greasy.


The rich fatty acids help to fight skin inflammation, reducing redness and irritation in the skin, which in turn helps to reduce and prevent future blemishes.


A hefty dose of Vitamin E aids in tissue repair and may help to fade the appearance of acne scarring with regular use.


Fights the signs of aging

Hydration is the key to youthful skin and the fatty acid content in hemp seed oil provides it in spades! Hydrated skin is skin that is able to promote the formation of collagen; a structural protein essential for firm, plump skin. Vitamin E helps to neutralize damaging free radicals, together with fatty acids, you have a magic combination for youthful, clear and healthy skin! 

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