Highly recommend this lime glow moisturizer!

I like the Batch 21 Moisturizer. I love the fresh smell of lime it felt like I just cut open a fresh lime and squeezed It. I had a light hit smell of the hemp and hops but the lime was much stronger. I was able to use it on my face and body it wasn’t greasy it was the right combination when I first open I thought because of the texture it was going to be sticky feeling but I just got shine and moisture. It’s A WIN FOR ME! Highly recommend this lime glow moisturizer.

Lauren S.
It smells really good and I love how it is not a thin mixture.

It smells really good and I love how it is not a thin mixture. It is very thick and creamy. When I put it on it felt very velvety and nice. Even after all day wear I still felt hydrated.

Batch Twenty-One skin care products are wonderful!

Batch21 skin care products are wonderful! I’ve been using them for about 3 months now, and my skin looks and feels great! I use the bar soap, the shower gel, and the moisturizer. Previously I had to use a heavy moisturizer (Dove Extra Moisturizing) to keep my skin from drying out. I suffer from a very mild case of Psoriasis, so I need a little something extra in my daily soap routine. Not only does Batch21 keep me clean and moisturized, but it also keeps my conscience clean knowing all ingredients are natural and all containers are 100% recycled! I currently participate in a subscription plan so I never have to worry about running short on products I use everyday! Keep up the great work Batch21!

This is my new all time favorite!!!!

This moisturizer is great! Love the smell and how thick it is. And a little goes a long way. It isn’t sticky feeling either. It reminds me of a moisturizer I used in the past, silicone glove, only better. It doesn’t leave a film and skin soaks it up almost immediately, leaving you with very soft, smooth skin. This is my new all time favorite!!!!

Marcy P.
★★★★★ wonders on dry skin!

A very thick, rich cream that leaves a sheer luxurious coat of moisturizer over your skin. This product only needs to be applied once a day for 24 hour hydration of your skin and works wonders on dry skin.

Great bubbles make for a great bath!

I LOVE this moisturizer! I have very dry skin since moving to Utah and this moisturizer has helped me SO much! I only have to apply it in the morning after my shower and it keeps my skin comfortable all day. It smells great! The texture is thick but it rubs in quickly. I highly recommend this product if you have dry skin!


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