Hand Sanitizer

No Sulphates | No Parabens | No Aluminum | No Silicones
Espresso Stout
$ 8.00 USD
SAFE FOR KIDS: Great bulk hand sanitizer pack for parents, teachers, and service industry employees. GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN: Tough enough to kill germs without causing irritation that comes from harsh synthetic chemicals. MADE IN USA: Every bottle is handmade in Park City, UT by our team of PhD formulation chemists to ensure quality and efficacy. FRAGRANCE-FREE: Unscented and unoffensive. Batch Twenty-One provides a vital hygiene tool for teachers, gym enthusiasts, communal work areas, salespeople, and other jobs that put you in contact with the public.
CONTAINS 80% ETHYL ALCOHOL – KILLS GERMS: A must-have for cold & flu season to stop the spread of illness-causing germs. Made to FDA standards.