Powerful Organic Ingredients for Skin Care: Why We Love Mango Butter & Jojoba Oil for Skin                                                        

Mango butter and jojoba oil are just two powerful organic ingredients for your skin that can help restore, balance, and moisturize. Find out more about these two ingredients and why we use them in our hemp moisturizing cream or the rest of our natural skincare products here.

At Batch Twenty-One we are all about high-quality clean label ingredients that are as good for your skin as they feel. We love shining a spotlight on our ingredients, to help you learn more about why they are so good for your skin…so today we wanted to make jojoba oil and mango butter the center of attention. These beautiful ingredients are packed in nutrients to provide more than just surface-level hydration, they sink deep into your epidermal layers to work their magic! So sit back, relax, and keep reading to find out why jojoba oil and mango butter are just two of our signature ingredients.

Jojoba Oil

Pronounced “ho-hoba,” this beautiful oil is one you are going to want to introduce to your skin! What may surprise (and excite you!) is to know that jojoba oil is one of the only oils to perfectly mimic your skin’s own, natural oils. This means your skin will readily accept it, and it will help to soften and smooth your skin like nobody’s business! This light-colored oil has no fragrance, making it ideal for sensitive noses, and it’s just as wonderful for sensitive skin thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties! These anti-inflammatory properties soothe redness and irritation and calm blemishes for clearer, healthier skin. It’s just as good for dry/mature skin types though! Vitamin B and E help to increase suppleness in the skin and to fight free radicals so your skin ages beautifully and gracefully. Jojoba oil provides the perfect amount of moisture to ensure the skin is perfectly balanced, and it leaves behind no greasy feel.

Mango Butter

Sounds decadent and it sure is! This beautiful, rich butter melts into the skin when you apply it, it was clearly made for your skin. It provides a potent boost of deep down hydration that leaves the skin dewy and positively radiant! Mango butter is brimming in our favorite antioxidant vitamins, namely A, C and E, a powerful trio for aiding in skin healing and repair, not to mention protecting the skin against all kinds of damage. It’s especially high in Vitamin A, essential for helping to keep the skin barrier healthy and strong, by locking moisture into the skin and preventing water loss through the pores. Not only is Vitamin A excellent for dry, thirsty skin, but a strong skin barrier helps to prevent blemishes too! Add in Vitamin C to fight inflammation and beautifully brighten the skin, and Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals and aid in skin repair, and you are in for a winning combination! Get your daily dose of jojoba and mango butter in our silky and luxurious All-In-One Moisturizer!

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